Thursday, 29 October 2009

How the weather confuses us all…..

Bitingly cold wind a week or so ago was soon replaced by the most gloriously clear and sunny weather, giving warm and balmy days. Finally, the perfect autumn.

Unless you are a daffodil bulb that is.  You see, the cold snap tricked the bulbs into thinking it was already winter (actually, I have to admit to being tricked too!)  And then when (thankfully) it got all warm and lovely again, those poor confused daffs thought that winter (blessedly brief) was over and spring had come.

And we know what bulbs do in springtime, don’t we.  They send down wiggly roots…..


and push out new green shoots.  Like these.


Well, that won’t do, will it?  What will those tender green shoots do when the real winter…..


hits us?

So we carefully replanted them, using good healthy soil…..


in sturdy orange boxes…..


and secreted them away to a cool, dark, wintery place (the store room beneath the school) where hopefully they will stay safe until spring really comes.


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