Thursday, 15 October 2009

Bulbs and boots – and a surprise in store

Whatever do you do with Wellington boots once you have outgrown them?  Unless you have a younger sister or brother, that is.

We had earlier been given a rather puzzling note requesting that our worn-out and too-small ‘wellies’ and the like should be brought to school.  What for, we would find out in due course.

On Thursday, to be precise. When we went outside for our weekly session in the garden, we discovered a heap of apparently perfectly sound boots.  On closer inspection, however, they turned out to have had holes mysteriously drilled into the soles.


How very odd!  What’s more, there were also lots (and lots) of different spring bulbs in various packets and buckets.


Curiouser and curiouser.

It turned out that we would be planting the bulbs in the boots!  All that was needed was a scoop or two of the perfect mix of soil…..


and a bulb - or two, or three (the correct way up!)…..


tucked down inside.


A further sprinkling of soil on the top…..


patted firmly down.  Finally, carefully stand your bulb-stuffed ‘wellie’ in place on the garden…..


where they will wait, lined up on their long walk towards spring…..


and hopefully the surprise of a beautiful show of spring colour.

And what about those holes drilled in the bottoms?  We know what they are for.  Do you?

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