Friday, 3 April 2009

Trouble in the vegetable rack…..

Thursday evening; hunting in the dark recesses of the vegetable rack for a clove or two of garlic, to perk up the dinner.  What did I find?  Green shoots.


I suspect that the dark had confused the garlic into thinking that it was underground and needing to ‘pousse’ or sprout.  Which, although it meant that I had to be a bit more creative with my flavourings than planned that evening, gave me ‘food for thought’ for the next day’s gardening tasks.  Perhaps it would continue to shoot, send down roots and fatten up in time for some later dinner if we were to plant it.


So, let’s poke some of the sprouted cloves into our newly-prepared seed beds…..


and water them well!


And while we are at it, we had better make use of our prepared (raked and carefully measured) beds and a sunny afternoon, and get some seeds planted too.  Radishes, carrots and onions.

IMG_1461   IMG_1457  IMG_1460

Some seeds are tiny so they need to be sprinkled onto the soil from a cupped palm.

 IMG_1475 IMG_1476

And then watered.  Well.


Other seeds are big enough to be poked into the soil one-by-one.


And then watered.  Well.


And while we have got the watering cans out…..


I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give the rest of the garden a bit of water.

IMG_1487 IMG_1488 IMG_1490 IMG_1485

After all, there hasn’t been much rain lately.


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