Friday, 20 March 2009

Taking a closer look

Goodness it was cold on Friday.  A biting bise wind.  But gardeners go out in all weathers; and so, therefore, did we, albeit briefly. 

Our task was to find out a bit more about soil; specifically, what goes on underneath the surface.  What might we find lurking there?


Armed with magnifying glasses…..


and child-sized trowels and forks, we squatted down on our haunches (well, they did – I don’t think I have those any longer!) and so the hunt began.  Soon excited squeals were to be heard.

‘I’ve got a worm!’


‘Eeee – a worm; eugh!’


‘Another worm!’  All carefully put back into the garden (quite possibly soon to be ‘found’ again by another ‘hunter’!)


And then, ‘Roman pottery!’  Hmm!


And, ‘Look roots!’


Followed by, ‘I’ve got a plant.  It was buried!’


As well as, ‘Rocks!  Rubbish!’  All of which went into the wheelbarrow.


The only disappointment I think was that we didn’t find any snail eggs.  That and the fact the the millipede was too fast for my camera – all those legs, you see!

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